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DHA Bahawalpur Balloting 2023

Balloting is a process used to determine outcomes through lot-drawing. In Ballots, DHA Bahawalpur collects online applications on different categories of plots from all over Pakistan.And then on Balloting day they used their transparent balloting system which collects NIC data on random basis and give results of final Lucky applicants.It enables equal opportunities for participants . Balloting enhances decision-making by providing structure, inclusivity, and clarity. It reduces ambiguity and relies on quantifiable measures and participation. The goal is to promote DHA Bahawalpur and let benefited all people from pakistan equally.

DHA Bahawalpur is sincere from its first step and since inception they had balloted 7 times from there first ballot held on 27th Nov 2015 to there recent Quetta Ballot 2022, they have provided equal opportunity to everyone. They offered affordable installment plans of each category. Plots include 5 Marla ,8 Marla,10 Marla ,1 Kanal Residential & 2 Marla and 5 Marla Commercials.The plots are usually offered with discount as mentioned below

  • 10% on Full payment
  • 5% on 1 Year Plan
  • 2.5% on 2 Year Plan

The discounts depends on the down payment paid by the person according to the discount he wants to avail.

DHA Bahawalpur Balloting Files 2021-22 Payment Plan

File Category Booking Price Quarterly Inst.
5 Marla Res.
30 Lacs
8 Marla Res.
45 Lacs
10 Marla Res.
55 Lacs
1 Kanal Res.
80 Lacs
2 Marla Comm.
85 Lacs
5 Marla Comm.
250 Lacs

Balloting 2023

Recently DHA Bahawalpur has announced the Balloting date for the Location ballot of 5 Marla ,8 Marla, 1 Kanal , 2 Kanal Residentials and 4 Marla , 8 Marla Commercial  Plots of 2019 Ballot and Most attracting part is that DHA also going to ballot 10 Marla Affidavit and 1 Kanal Affidavit files So it is necessary to Allocate these files before 20th May as per DHA Bahawalpur Official statement. As for participating in Ballot Allocation is necessary  before ballot ,Balloting Date is 14th July 2023. As per their promise, DHAB is always ready to serve and benefits the locals of Bahawalpur. This ballot will boost the current market and will become a reason for price raise in many sectors. Because small cuttings remain always an opportunity for local residents and surely it will attract locals towards DHA and definitely will open a new era of footfall at DHAB.

However, it is really very necessary for all affidavit holders to get it registered from the DHAB office for inclusion in the DHA Bahawalpur balloting so as to avoid any inconvenience. 

DHA Bahawalpur Ballot 2023 Date Extended

Upon Repeated Requests by a majority of worthy members, especially overseas customers, DHA Bahawalpur has extended scheduled date of location Ballot 2023 from the 30th of May to the 14th of July 2023. Valuable members who could not deposit their dues may get the allocation process completed by the 5th of July 2023. The Ballot will now be held on the 14th of July 2023.

You can Check DHA Bahawalpur Balloting 2023 Result by Clicking here!

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