DHA Bahawalpur Transfer Procedure

If you own or want to buy property in DHA Bahawalpur, you need to go through the transfer process as a buyer or seller. To make things easier for customers, DHA Bahawalpur has introduced various ways of property transfer, depending on different situations. Below, we have provided complete details on the transfer procedure and types of transfers.

The following are different types of Transfer

  • Regular Transfer
  • On-Behalf Transfer
  • Online Transfer
  • Out Station Transfer
  • Legal Heir Transfer
  • Hiba Transfer

No Demand Certificate (NDC)

The first step in executing any transfer is to confirm whether the property in question has any outstanding dues or not. This is important because if you are buying a plot or file that is scheduled for installment payments, or any plot that has pending development charges, DHA needs to check to ensure that all dues are clear before executing any transfer. This is also beneficial for the buyer, as he will know that all dues have been cleared by the seller up to the present date. To determine the status of dues, NDC (No Demand Certificate) is applied. It takes 2 working days for NDC to be processed after its submission. However, in urgent cases, it can be processed within 6 hours, but with some additional charges as mentioned below.

Urgent NDC Fees: Rs.5000/-

Now if all the dues are clear and all due payments have been made to date. It will be cleared and the further procedure will begin.

Required Documents for NDC

  • Seller CNIC Attested Copy
  • NDC Form
  • Copy of Intimation/Transfer Letter of Property

Note: NDC Remain valid till current Quarter (90 Days).After End of Quarter it would be re applied.

Regular Transfer

If you want to transfer ownership of a property in DHA Bahawalpur, you’ll need to pay the transfer fees and taxes after obtaining NDC clearance. This process will be handled by a registered property dealer who will submit the regular transfer documents to the DHA Bahawalpur office on your behalf.

Once the documents are submitted, the DHA Bahawalpur office will give you a transfer date which is usually 3rd day after the submission. This means that the regular transfer process takes around 5 working days in total. However, if you need an urgent transfer, you can pay extra fees which are Rs.25,000 for same-day transfer and Rs.18,000 for a transfer within 2 days.

On the decided transfer date, both the buyer and seller will need to visit the DHA Bahawalpur head office with their original CNICs. The buyer should also bring the original intimation/transfer letter of the property. At the transfer office, the staff will verify the biometrics of both the buyer and seller, and after signing all the necessary documents, the buyer will be asked to affirm the transfer of the property to the new buyer. The transfer usually takes around half an hour to complete, and the DHA will provide a transfer letter with the name of the new buyer.

On-Behalf Transfer

If the buyer is not available at the time of the transfer, the transfer can be conducted on their behalf through a representative. This is only possible if the buyer is not available during the transfer process. The record of the transfer will be maintained in the outstation transfer record registers and data will be updated in the outstation master register simultaneously.

On behalf, transfers can be conducted at the DHA Bahawalpur Head Office or its Sub Offices( Lahore/Islamabad/Karachi). Once the on-behalf transfer formalities are completed, the buyer can complete the process at any office of DHA Bahawalpur as per their choice. However, extra fees would be charged for on behalf transfer respective to the Plot Category i.e 

For 5-10 Marla: Rs.5000/-

Above: 10000/-

If you want to conduct an on-behalf transfer, you or your dealer should inform the concerned office or head office of DHA Bahawalpur at least a week in advance to complete the on-behalf transfer formalities.

Online Transfer

Customers can request online transfers if they are unable to attend the transfer process in person. The transfer process will be conducted through visual media where both the seller and buyer must appear at the DHA Bahawalpur main office or sub-offices at a designated time. The transfer will be completed within 3 days, and a charge of Rs. 25,000 will be levied for transfers at the branch. Urgent transfers for the next day after document submission will cost Rs. 50,000.

During the transfer process, both parties must be physically present on the video link. Once the transfer is completed, the transfer officer will issue the transfer certificate to the seller/buyer, and the transfer sets of both stations along with relevant records will be dispatched to the Head Office in Bahawalpur on the same day.

The seller/buyer must clear all transactions before coming for the transfer, and DHAB will guarantee the amount transferred by the purchaser if the transaction is made after receiving the deposit slip of documents from DHAB main/sub-offices and confirmation from DHAB reception is received on a telephone call. After 7 working days of a transfer, the transfer letter can be collected from the Transfer Office/Sub Offices, and the original CNIC and transfer completion certificate are required for collection.

Out Station Transfer

Out-station transfers are only done upon special requests from clients and are not considered normal transfers. The service charge for out-station transfers is Rs. 10,000, while for transfers of residential plots less than 1 Kanal, the charge is Rs. 5,000.
For the seller, the transfer set is deposited to the office where the transfer will take place, and staff will verify the documents and provide an appointment on the third day or at a more convenient time. The seller or registered dealer will then visit the transfer office for the transfer and receive a transfer certificate. The transfer set and relevant record will be dispatched to the office where the purchaser will appear.
For the buyer, the buyer’s transfer documents and government taxes, and DHA dues are deposited at DHA Bahawalpur/Sub Offices after receiving the documents from the seller station. Staff will verify the documents and provide an appointment on the third day or at a more convenient time. Formalities for the buyer will be carried out, and after completion of the transfer, the transfer officer will issue a transfer certificate to the buyer. The buyer can receive the transfer letter after 7 working days of the transfer by visiting the transfer office/sub-offices with the original CNIC and transfer completion certificate.

Legal Heir Transfer

When the owner of a property dies, it is transferred to their legal heir(s). The service for a legal heir(s) transfer can be completed in 3 days or according to the client’s preference. 

  • To transfer the property to the legal heir(s), the following documents are required:
    Legal Heir(s) Transfer Documents Set.
  • Original Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer letter(s).
  • A declaratory decree issued by the Civil Judge having competent Jurisdiction.
  • Death Certificate (duly attested).
  • Copies of the Computerized National Identity Card / B Form of all Legal Heir(s) (duly attested).
  • 2 x Passport Size photographs of each Legal Heir (duly attested by Gazette Officer).
  • Advertisement regarding the death of the owner/member with photograph in 2 x National Newspapers.
  • Membership Form of Legal Heir(s).
  • Membership Fee and Transfer Fee Vouchers.
  • Original copy of court orders duly attested by oath commissioner for surrendering of personal share.

To complete the transfer procedure, the client should deposit the required documents at DHA Reception, and receive a receipt. The legal Branch will then issue a confirmation letter, after which Legal Heir(s) along with their original Computerized National Identity Card can visit Transfer Office to collect the Allocation / Intimation / Transfer Letter. All nominated legal heirs should come on the given transfer date for Legal Heir Transfer, except for those who are abroad and have delegated their attorney by duly executing a deed of PDA to complete the procedure on their behalf. For surrendering of property in the name of any of the heirs, court order by decisions must accompany the documents.

Hiba Transfer

For Hiba transfer, the property can be gifted to blood relatives such as parents, children, husband, wife, brother, and sister. The transfer can be completed in 3 days or as per the parties’ choice, with charges based on plot size. Required documents include

  • Original allocation/intimation/allotment/transfer letter(s).
  • Copies of CNIC of donor and donee.
  • Original sale deed with affidavits of donor and donee.
  • Transfer Fees and tax/dues paid receipts/challans.

The transfer appointment can be made at DHA Bahawalpur Info Desk/Sub Offices, and both seller and purchaser should visit the transfer office with original CNICs on the given transfer date. After completing the formalities, the transfer letter will be issued on the same day.

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